We sell only certified AdBlue, that corresponds quality standard DIN 70 070, a bottling and distribution is strictly controlled.
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AdBlue (NH2)2CO + H2O is a water solution of urea. It is obtained from technically pure urea (free from contaminants) and demineralised water. The urea content in the solution is 32.5%.

 AdBlue is non-toxic, odour-free, colourless, safe and environment friendly. High quality of the solution must be assured not only at the production stage, but also during its transport and storage.

Quality parameters, The quality of AdBlue must be compliant with the DIN 700 70 standard. Only the product that meets all of the 18 chemical parameters will not cause any damage to the SCR system, and vehicles. AdBlue name may be used only ADT (Veredn der Automabilindustrie) licensed users. Use of the name AdBlue without the corresponding license is a criminal offense and is subject to prosecution.

Available packaging provided by our company will fulfill all customer needs. We offer and deliver AdBlue, in the following packaging and volumes:

  • Tanker with a maximum capacity of 23 `000 liters
  • IBC containers with a capacity of 1000 liters
  • Plastic barrel with a capacity of 220 liters
  • Plastic cans with a capacity of 30, 20, 10-liter

AdBlue is used in the latest generation of commercial and passenger vehicles, with integrated selective catalyst reduction (SCR) and vehicles are equipped with a special AdBlue tank. In this way the harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust gas come out in a gaseous nitrogen and water vapor form.


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