Truck and bus tyres.

We currently can offer Goodyear, Continental Matador, Bridgestone, Aeolis, Cormoran, Dunlop, Fulda, Wanli Tire, Gislawed, Barum, Firestone and other tire manufacturers production of these dimensions:

12R20    12R24    11R22.5    12R22.5    13R22.5    205/75R17.5    215/75R17.5    205/70R15    225/75R17.5    235/75R17.5    245/70R17.5    245/70R19.5    255/70/R19    265/70R22.5    265/70R19.5    275/70R22.5    285/70R19.5    295/60R22.5    295/80R22.5    315/60R22.5    315/70R22.5    305/70/R22.5    315/80R22.5    385/55R19.5    385/65R22.5    425/65/R22.5    435/50/R19.5    445/45/R19.5    445/65/R22.5    7R16C    9.5R17.5    9R22.5    8.5R17.5    10R22.5.

If needed we can offer other than those mentioned above, measurements and tire manufacturers.

Not satisfied with the new expensive truck tyres? We can offer a significantly cheaper but the quality of the new tyres for trucks and other transport vehicles: vans, buses, special transport and cars. Do not waste time and money - call, we always have less expensive tyres. Tyres are delivered all over Lithuania and across Europe and Asia.

Also, we are ready to provide you with high-quality used tyres for heavy vehicles.


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