Fuel dispensing system Self Service FM 2.0 Piusi

Fuel dispensing system Self Service FM 2.0 Piusi

Product code: PSELFSERVFM20

Piusi Self Service FM 2.0 electronic fuel dispensing system with receipt printing function.

Made in Italy.

The fuel dispensing system is intended for use in larger farms, companies, and other areas where the equipment is used by many users. Once the driver is identified (with a PIN code or magnetic key), the filling of the vehicle starts. The fuel filling time, amount, and driver are displayed on the printed receipts. Handy size, with pistol grip. A great option to modernize the fuel delivery system.

Technical data:

  • Fuel filter installed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pouring limits can be set.
  • Automatic fuel gun.
  • Accuracy ±0.5%
  • The maximum number of users is 1000.
  • Performance up to 90l/min.
  • IP55
  • Calibrated.
  • Adapted for outdoor use.
  • Strong body structure.
  • Panel protection.
  • Manufacturer code: F0074301A
  • Intended for non-commercial use.