Double-walled fuel tanks Swimer Eco-line 5000 l
  •  Double-walled fuel tanks Swimer Eco-line 5000 l
  •  Double-walled fuel tanks Swimer Eco-line 5000 l

Double-walled fuel tanks Swimer Eco-line 5000 l

Product code: ECO5000

Swimer Tank ECO-Line SW5000 is a compact, double-walled container made of polyethylene for storage of diesel, a capacity of 5000 liters, with a lockable cabinet. The durable double-capacity diesel tank of durable plastic with a capacity of 5000 liters is designed for long-term storage of diesel fuel. Plastic tank construction resistant to corrosion and environmental influences. 

Fully complies with PN-EN 13341 standards - standards.

Tank specification:

  • Width 2380 mm, length 2380 mm, height 2060 mm
  • revision hatch 600 mm 
  • air removal devices
  • filling hole 2" with euro switch VK50
  • electronic protection against transfusion
  • clock level sensor
  • leak sensor

Fuel dispensing equipment: Dispensing system (diesel pump) with electric pump(230V), dispensing capacity 56 ltr/min. - 79 ltr/min. Electronic or mechanical fuel accounting system: two-function meter (instantaneous and general), calibrated. Locks the issue booth. Built-in liquid leak detector, level display device Watchman Plus. Maximum level sensor used to fill diesel fuel with a tanker truck. Water separation filter (CFD 70-30). Flexible transmission hose (4 - 12 m) with a sieve against contaminants and a one-way valve. Ground.

The container, since it is made of plastic, is easy enough, so it is very convenient to transport it, regardless of their dimensions. 

Protection against bystanders - lockable wardrobe of equipment. The double wall prevents mechanical external influences and spills of content into the environment.

Plastic capacity construction is given a 10-year warranty, equipment - 2m. 

Various installation options for tipping and accounting equipment can be applied as needed.

Possibility to expand the fuel base by combining several tanks into one system with unified accounting.