Double-walled fuel tanks JFC 9000 l
  • Double-walled fuel tanks JFC 9000 l
  • Double-walled fuel tanks JFC 9000 l

Double-walled fuel tanks JFC 9000 l

Product code: JFC9000T

Long-lasting double-walled above-ground plastic fuel tank with a capacity of 9000 liters. The liquid fuel tank is intended for long-term storage of fuel (diesel, fuel oil, furnace fuel, etc.). The plastic construction of the fuel tank is resistant to corrosion and environmental influences. Fully complies with PN-EN 13341 norms and standards.

A 10-year warranty is provided for the plastic fuel tank construction, and a 2-year warranty for the fuel dispensing equipment. Depending on the need, it is possible to apply various options for the installation of fuel filling and metering equipment.

The possibility of expanding the fuel base by connecting several tanks into one system with unified accounting of fuel dispensing. The fuel tank has an integrated protection against fuel leakage or overflow during filling.

Fuel filling equipment, specification:

  • Fuel dispensing system (diesel pump) with electric pump (230V), fuel dispensing capacity 56 ltr/min. - 79 liters/min.
  • Electronic fuel metering system: dual-function meter (instantaneous and total), calibrated.
  • The fuel dispensing cabin is locked.
  • The fuel tank has an integrated liquid leak detector, a fuel level display device "Watchman Plus".
  • Maximum fuel level sensor, used when filling diesel with a tank truck.
  • Water separation filter (CFD 70-30).
  • Lockable cover on the upper part of the fuel tank.
  • Flexible fuel transfer hose (4m-12m) with strainer against contaminants and one-way valve.
  • Ventilation in the internal fuel tank.
  • Automatic fuel dispensing gun.
  • Grounding.

Dimensions: (Length/Width/Height) 3,255 х 2,515 х 2,6 (m)