2500 l double walled tank for diesel storage

2500 l double walled tank for diesel storage

Product code: Sibuso2500

The double-walled durable plastic 2500-liter tank is designed for long-term storage of diesel fuel. The plastic construction of the container is resistant to corrosion and environmental influences. Fully complies with PN-EN 13341 norms - standards.

Protection against outsiders - lockable equipment cabinet (red door). The double wall protects against mechanical external effects and spillage of contents into the environment.

  • Large cover to protect distribution system
  • Doors in red color
  • Filling connector 2` with VK50 Euro coupling
  • Electronic overfill system
  • Digital FMT rotor flow meter
  • 440 mm inspection hatch in the internal tank
  • Fuel level (clock) indicator
  • Air vents
  • Ground connection
  • Suction line with check valve and mesh filter
  • ROTAxx 60 vane pump (230V; max. 60l / min)
  • Emergency power switch
  • Can-type fuel filter, 10 microns
  • 6m length distribution hose
  • Automatic nozzle
  • Nozzle handle

A 10-year warranty is provided for the plastic structure of the container, 2 years for the equipment. The product complies with PN-EN 13341 norms - standards. Various installation options for pouring and accounting equipment can be applied as needed.

The possibility of expanding the fuel base by connecting several tanks into one system with unified accounting. Integrated protection against fuel leakage or overflow during filling. The water separation filter ensures the removal of water from the internal tank.

The plastic container is recommended for those who need to buy diesel in medium quantities. Also for those seeking to reduce diesel costs by purchasing it at a wholesale price from a selected supplier.

Dimensions:  width: 1710 mm height: 1965 mm